Shiny New Apps, Same Old Ops

Application architectures are cloud-native, yet we settle for operations from a bygone era. Modern, cloud-native operations are possible, though rarely a reality.
And it all costs too much. And still lets you down.

Sound familiar? Ready to break out of the rut?

We are ready to help!

Cloud-Native Operations ... At Last!

Operations with the DNA of the best cloud applications

Lower Cost

Traditional devops requires people on your team, all the time. Instead, lowers costs by filling this need for more than one customer and app, at the same time.

More Reliable

Peace of mind is yours, getting the best out of your cloud-native apps.

Flexible, Scalable makes it simple to have just the help you need, when you need.

Problem arise? DC teams focus on your app. Everything smooth? No burden to you. Devops support when needed.

"I trust them ... and this is the right way to go with apps that matter."

- Jim Eberlin
Founder and CEO, TopOPPS

Better By Design

Standard Components

Problem: complexity is the bane of traditional devops ... too many ways to do similar things.

Solved: common, consistent, efficient- standardized technology stacks, operational procedures, and communications reduce complexity.


Problem: developers and operations are stretched too thin, devops suffers, ultimately your business suffers.

Solved: devops for our customers' applications is all we do. Period.

Deep Knowledge

Problem: constantly changing tooling, platforms, requirements, security threats, best practices and more...

Solved: is deeply immersed in all this and far more, with one goal - learning and understanding as much as possible about the art and reality of devops, to serve.

"Took the headaches out of maintaining our web-based critical applications and made clear financial sense for our company."

- Mark Dunkel
Chairman, RMSA Retail Solutions
General Partner, Diagram Partners

Beautiful Apps

Cloud computing long held out the promise of applications that are more flexible, more easily scalable, more reliable, and easier to build ... all serving the needs of the business. Over the past 10-15 years that promise became reality for applications architectures - innovative open source technologies, agile design and development methodologies, and thoughtful platforms that are cloud-first, cloud-native, and make the promise of cloud computing real.

Pressure. Complexity. Pain.

But once that application is built, then it's time to live with it. Costly, labor intensive operations, with similar tasks often done many different ways; operational procedures that need to be invented, re-invented, and re-re-invented ... for each and every application. Grow your customer base? Then add more operational staff ... and hope nothing breaks.

Read about a hacker attack, and sweat over how to avoid that with your application. Then the updates ... THE UPDATES. Who even knows what needs to be updated and what needs to be left alone?

What does this have to do with your business anyway? Is this expertise you really want to grow?

A Better Way

Operations in standard, repeatable building blocks - what you need, when you need it. Building blocks made from standard technologies, standard expertise, standard ways to think about each application, standard ways to describe and solve operations problems.

Standard. Standard. Standard .... so we can be efficient, effective, flexible. This is operations - true devops - with the DNA of the best cloud applications.

You focus on the application, baking in all that makes your business valuable ... We focus on the operations, reduce risk, remove surprises, keep a lid on costs.

Freedom Awaits!

Modern Operations for Modern Applications ... See What It Can Mean For You.

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